Gov’t Showcases Casinos, Indicts Casino Owner on Same Day!


Guess what was showcased in the East Wing of Pennsylvania’s capitol yesterday? On a typical day in the open atrium area, one might see tables representing vocational-technical schools or honoring EMT personnel from around the state. But on this day, it was………ta dah…..Pennsylvania’s casinos and horse racetracks! That’s right, Harrah’s, Mohegan Sun and the other state-sponsored slot machine barns. And it was sponsored by two state agencies: our own Dept. of Agriculture and the Gaming Commission, courtesy of you and me – the taxpayers.

To top it off, don’t miss the irony of my second discovery after leaving the capitol: The news that Mount Airy (Poconos) casino owner Louis DeNaples was indicted for perjury by the Dauphin County D.A. just 3 blocks from the capitol on the same day as gambling was being celebrated at the capitol! He allegedly lied about criminal/mob connections when he was being questioned in the process of obtaining his lucrative gambling license. (His license has now been suspended.)

2 Responses to “Gov’t Showcases Casinos, Indicts Casino Owner on Same Day!”

  1. David J. Bowie Says:

    Good grief, Charlie Brown!!! A casino owner with possible links to organized crime and lies about it, and gets indicted for perjury. Say it ain’t so??? (lol)

    Maybe this whole casino-style gambling idea wasn’t such a good idea after all.

  2. ethan Says:

    oh the irony

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