Taking the (Marriage) Law into Their Own Hands?


You might remembers back in Feb. 2004 when San Fran’s mayor announced he’ll perform “same-sex marriage” ceremonies, even though it was illegal in California. That was followed by the mayor of New Paltz, N.Y. following suit.

Those incidents triggered a number of efforts in other states to protect marriage from re-definition, ultimately leading to now 27 states with Marriage Protection Amendments in the state constitutions (with 11 of those passing in Nov. 2004 alone!).

Now, right here in small-town central Pennsylvania, the mayor of State College (yes, the hometown of Penn State Univ.) announces he’ll preside over “same-sex marriage” ceremonies. (You may remember a similar stunt by former Mayor John Street in Philly just last year.)

Will this renegade action right here in P-A finally wake up our legislators and citizens to the need to pass a constitutional amendment to protect marriage? I hope so! We only get to have a say if they first pass legislation in Harrisburg; otherwise it’s in the hands of activist judges or maverick mayors down that road.

BrideLet’s all contact our state senators and state reps and tell them we want a Marriage Protection Amendment on the ballot. Tell them to pass SB 1250 before it’s too late! See PA for Marriage for more info and to help get the marriage amendment passed.


2 Responses to “Taking the (Marriage) Law into Their Own Hands?”

  1. Kristopher Yoder Says:

    I believe this is an issue that people on BOTH sides need to pay attention to and weigh their voices about. Not the need for an Amendment, but the need to hold our duly elected officials in check.

    This was something I was attempting to convey to those that signed the proposed marriage amendment petition, regardless of their stance. Too often, our society is being run by the minority with the loudest voice – whether it is the judge on the bench that rules a properly passed law as unconstitutional or the above example of these mayors sticking their thumbs to their noses at the public.

    Regardless of which side of the argument you are on, it should be OUR decision.

  2. Carol Says:

    I happen to believe there is a need for a Marriage Amendment, although I never thought I’d see the day when there would be a need for it. I agree that there is also a need to “hold our duly elected officials in check” but, unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case of late. There have been too many cases of officials in elected offices “sticking their thumbs to their noses at the public” and they remain in office for one reason or the other. From the beginning, our government has been set up with “laws” which were drawn up and voted upon for the protection of ALL the people and I believe the Amendment is now necessary for that very reason. As for this mayor in question, you can contact the council (the mayor, Bill Welch, presides over the council) at the following email address: boro@statecollegepa.us I hope others who take exception to what he has done in this instance will let their thoughts be known to him. It is quite easy to “blog” about these things and have many conversations and discussions about them, but it is more effective getting your thoughts to the source of the problem.

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