Saving Marriage in Pennsylvania: What Could be More Reasonable?!


Okay. Confession time. I admit it.

A Marriage Protection Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution won’t solve all the world’s problems. It won’t lower your taxes, fix the health care system, rebuild roads and bridges, make peace with your teenage daughter or even help you lose weight.

Believe it or not, this line of argument against the marriage amendment actually keeps resurfacing from its detractors. And these are mainly educated professionals — along with their sympathizers in the news media — who ought to know better. Most of these arguments don’t even pass the “reasonable man” test (see, I did learn something in my Business Law 101 class!). Would a reasonable man (person) really believe that unless any policy proposal fixes all of society’s perceived crises, that it is not important and a waste of time? Would a reasonable man really think that everyone — from employers to moms and pops to victims of domestic violence to health care workers — would somehow magically lose their “rights” because Pennsylvania would choose to keep marriage as the union of husband and wife??

It’s absurd, but these are the same allegations that are repeated ad nauseum by amendment opponents and editorial pages – and will be presented (with a straight face, I might add) in upcoming testimony before the state senate in Harrisburg.

pa4marriage_logo_blue.gifBelieve in protecting marriage between husband and wife? It’s time to let your state senator and representative know you support Senate Bill 1250. Call or E-mail them now before crucial senate meetings coming up on March 17th and 18th. Tell them that you want marriage protected in PA’s constitution and you want it done now. And that no “reasonable man” or woman believes that it could be anything but good for society!


One Response to “Saving Marriage in Pennsylvania: What Could be More Reasonable?!”

  1. Lu Lu Says:

    You are so right! This is the argument used when there is no argument:
    “Aren’t there more important issues our Commonwealth should be concerned with?”

    My family and my children’s future is at stake. That’s reason enough!

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