Newsweek’s ‘Religious Case’ for Same-sex Marriage: Are they right?


In this Advent season, one of the last places we’d expect to see or hear a “religious” message is at the newsstand. But that’s exactly where you’ll find a major magazine’s cover story claiming it has the truth about “the religious case for gay marriage”!

Newsweek cover story

That’s right. The December 15th Newsweek cover story claims: “Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side.”

At the Pennsylvania Family Institute, we often hear from pastors who are hesitant to teach and preach about “political issues” (such as protecting marriage) in their churches.. Perhaps we should consider it a wake-up call that if we don’t teach what the Bible says, the mainstream media will! And like it or not, that’s where many Christians — especially the under-30’s — form their positions on the social issues of the day. (Recent polls nationwide and in Pennsylvania, show a slight majority of those under age 30 support same-sex marriage.)


What do you think? Should church leaders do more teaching and preaching on issues like God’s plan for marriage and God’s views on homosexuality? Is that too “political”? Do you address these issues, or do you plan to do so in the coming months?

We invite and welcome your feedback. Please read Justin Taylor’s “Between Two Worlds” blog post with links to the Newsweek story and insightful comments from Christian leaders like Dr. Al Mohler and more. Then just submit your comments on this blog, and thanks!

Between Two Worlds: Newsweek’s Revisionist, Religious Case for Gay Marriage

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6 Responses to “Newsweek’s ‘Religious Case’ for Same-sex Marriage: Are they right?”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Our pastor frequently preaches God’s view on homosexuality and marriage. I’m so glad that he does because we do have many young people in our congregation who need to hear this view. I don’t think it is too political. It’s God’s Word which is our faith. Homosexuality was not political until it became an agenda of the Left.

  2. thinkpoint Says:

    Tuesday evening I addressed same sex marriage at a private college in our community. Please see my presentation at:

    Pastor Steve Cornell

  3. jefferis peterson Says:

    A perfect example of the blind leading the blind. For an antidote to this nonsense, I’ve written a point by point rebuttal to the common arguments advanced by homosexual apologists:
    Gayness and the True Church:
    Homosexuality – Does it Matter What Anyone Says?

  4. Diane Scudder Says:

    This is what I mailed to Newsweek:

    Dear Editor:

    I am absolutely appalled that a major publication in the USA would openly, offensively, publicly trash my religion the way Lisa Miller did in her article “Our Mutual Joy.” Obviously your tolerance is only for deviant sexual behavior. You have none for religious beliefs that are different from your own. It’s a good thing Ms. Miller is trashing Biblical fundamentalists, not Islamic ones. Muslims don’t respond as we do with strongly worded letters and cancelled subscriptions and imprecatory prayers. I have prayed that God would show himself strong and judge your magazine. I’m sorry I don’t subscribe to it so that I could cancel my subscription. God can bring His judgement without my help, I’m sure.

    I was absolutely amazed at the ignorance of history and culture and theology the article displayed. Don’t you have editors to spot glaring historical errors? Doesn’t anyone at your magazine know anything about the Bible? Please remember my name. I am a “sensible modern person” who has found the Bible to be a wonderful marriage manual, for myself and for so many others. Our marriages have been preserved by the Bible and the God of the Bible.

    I deleted my closing sentences because they were personally insulting to Ms. Miller and probably an inappropriate way for a Christian to express her anger. I hope what I have written expresses my disgust for a magazine that condones intolerance and ignorance. I’m sorry I don’t have more time to point out the specifics from the article, but it doesn’t matter. You’ve made it public that you don’t care anything about someone like me.

    Diane Scudder

  5. Job Says:

    I love how religious devotees “sensible modern person” types can twist words to mean whatever their twisted minds can dream up to hurt others. Religion equals control pure and simple.

  6. Ronald Jack Barwell Says:

    My vote will never go to support any politician that supports abortion. My reason? Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb, I kew you; Before you were born I set you apart. Our Country was formed on Christianity, not buddishim or Islam or the Jewish religion. Look at the names on our Declaration of Independence, pay attention to the names, you will find no other than Christians. God Bless you everyone and repeal the roe v wade law before you lose your own soul.

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