Gay Activist Groups Targeting Children With Help From PA Dept of Education


We provide the following link for your information. As Pennsylvania Family Institute engages in cultural “skirmishes” on key issues, we often become aware of the activities and efforts of groups that oppose our perspectives and values.

We become most concerned when such activities appear to target children, and especially so when they are endorsed or funded by governmental institutions. In this particular case, you will note that the Pennsylvania Department of Education has teamed up with the PSEA (the teacher’s union) and Planned Parenthood in an event that targets children and their teachers. Taxpayer dollars are being used to facilitate involvement and attendance in this program.

This event is by no means unique, nor is it inconsequential. Most pastors and most parents are unaware that our schools, and the institutions that influence and control them, are involved in activities such as that identified in the linked flyer.

We solicit your comments and suggestions about this matter, and what you might have us do in light of it and other similar matters.

8 Responses to “Gay Activist Groups Targeting Children With Help From PA Dept of Education”

  1. Lori Says:

    Unbelievable! Reason #99999999 why I homeschool my children.

  2. Thomas D. Stalnaker Says:

    It was disheartening to read this article and to learn that the PDE is endorsing such an event. It seems paradoxical that with the passing of time, the gay agenda is being pushed more and more aggressively yet it’s seemingly being accomplished and advanced in a very innocuous manner.
    I don’t know the history of Dickinson; but, many colleges and Universities have their roots in Christianity. What a far departure from the original intentions.
    I had a question as to whether anyone was there who stood in opposition to the event. It would be nice to see a group such as PFOX or Exodus attend these events so that they could have an opportunity to communicate love and minister to those who are lost in such a lifestyle.
    Keep up the good work in reporting this information. I don’t know how I would be aware of such events going on in Central PA.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Thank you for letting us know about these kinds of uses of OUR tax dollars. I am a certified elementary teacher in PA. I am not currently working but I do remember being annoyed that I had to pay dues to the PSEA for the privilege of teaching the children. I knew this money would be used for liberal causes – so I’m not surprised that PSEA would help fund a GLBT event. I forwarded this flyer to several members of my church family who have children so that they will know what goes on in our colleges. I thought Mr. Stalnaker’s suggestion of having a Christian group attend these events was a great idea. We need “Love Won Out” kind of responses to the lies of organizations like GLBT and Planned Parenthood. We also must continue to pray, pray, pray and humble ourselves and seek His face and ask Him to raise up the Church to proclaim the TRUTH that is found only in the uncompromised Word of God. Then she can claim her rightful place as the Bride of Christ and storm the gates of hell which cannot stand against her!

  4. laura Says:

    Thank you for publicizing this. I had no idea about this conference in Carlisle and that the PDE and PSEA are in cooperation. I do feel discouraged that traditional values, Christian principles, and the importance of the traditional family to the stability of society seem to be eroding at an accelerating pace. The colleges are definitely in the forefront of normalizing and promoting these agendas. I’m very concerned about how these groups can confuse impressionable middle schoolers and high schoolers. And they seem to preach as fact that in order to be “sexually healthy” everyone needs to be having sex with someone or they are “dysfunctional”. If you have problems with their agenda, you are an intolerant hater. What about tolerance for our point of view? Again, thank you. I will keep this issue in my prayers.

  5. Nancy Sprowls Says:

    Thank you for this article. This is very disturbing that our state tax dollars would be used through the PDE to help fund and sponsor such a program that erodes traditional values that have made our country great. Couldn’t this material be presented to the local news media – maybe they would pick it up and do a ‘how your tax dollars are being used’ segment. Also, there must be some network of Christian teachers in public schools that this could be networked through to inform them of what their union is involved in.

    On the flip side – can PA Family Inst. develop a seminar that could be approved for PDE CEUs and collaborative with a Central PA college that would instruct and help teachers meet, network and attend workshops that help everyone understand and better advocate for traditional values youth in Central PA and beyond.

  6. Kathy Says:

    I am very disappointed but not surprised to read how PSEA is supporting the advancement of the gay agenda in our public schools. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged, supported, and trained to be political activisits through the Gay Straight Alliance(s), an extracurricular club in our nation’s public high schools and middle schools and the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network. For example, there is a national political protest titled the Day of Silence held every Spring in our nation’s public schools, primarily high schools and is permitted during instructional time. It is sponsored by the GSA and GLSEN. It is a reminder of the progress made by the gay activists who continue to pressure principals and administrators to support this event in the name of discrimination and civil rights and do so, due to fears of lawsuits from the ACLU. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to let school adminstrators know of their disapproval and to keep their children home on the Day of Silence since opposing views to the Day of Silence are typically not included on this day. Clearly, political protests should be held before or after school, not during instructional time.

    Does your high school have a GSA, a Gay Straight Alliance that meets after school? Learn more about your local public high school and how the gay agenda is advocated through some anti-bullying measures, anti-harrasment policies, health classes, history and english classes, extracurricular activities and clubs, and openly gay faculty and staff members. In this hostile school environment, conservative and Christian students are being silenced everyday and very few if any teachers will support students who question or do not endorse the gay agenda.

    Wake up America and Pennsylvania!! Prepare and teach your children well as they confront hostility and hate towards a common sense Judeo-Christian value and belief system. We must support our children and keep the lines of communication open with them as we prepare them to become responsible adults and citizens for the future.

  7. Father John Neff Says:

    This does not suprise me. I am opposed to our tax dollars being spent to advocate positions contrary to that held by a majority of the people. The Department of Education should be gender neutral and advocating fairness and respect for all people.

  8. Richard Mark Says:

    This is terrible. If I was a parent I would do everything in my power to fight this. The gay agenda is working hard to advance their cause. Christians need to work just as hard to protect our children from gay activists. We must never give up. I still believe most people
    in Pennsylvania oppose this, but apathy leads them to do nothing. Praise god for the Family Institute.

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