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Parent Can’t Read Bible to Son’s Public School Class Shannon Duffy, The Legal Intelligencer (2 June, 2009) -In a Kindergarten class, parents were asked to participate in the “All About Me” day for their children.  However, when a parent decided to read from the Bible in order to show a piece of her son’s life, the teachers denied her the right.  “When parents participate in an elementary school’s curricular activites, [Chief Judge] Scirica said, schools officials have the right to require that the parents refrain from promoting specific messages in class.”

I would hardly call reading a verse from the Bible a promotion.  Children grow from the influence of adults, from parents especially.  If suddenly parents are eliminated from the system of growth, from what source do we hope our children to start forming their beliefs?  Are we really fighting to limit the number of positive influences in our children’s lives?

9 Responses to “Family Newswatch”

  1. Patty Says:

    What country are we living in? I thought freedom of religion and speech was one of the fundamental rights of America….wake up, people, before our great country is no longer the city on the hill, rather, just another country without a light — among many others you’d probably choose not to live in.

  2. Concerned in Chester Co. PA Says:

    Until parents rise up, get organized, raise their voices and take a stand, our rights will continue to erode and our priveleges will continue to be removed – right under our noses.

  3. Corie Says:

    It baffles me that the word “brainwashing” is often associated with religion when the public school system is the biggest establishment engaging in it in the worst way. I’d say we parents need to pull out their children from the public school system and truly show our children our love by making sacrifices and committing to teach them at home. We’ve abandoned the nurture, training and shaping of our children to the government long enough.

  4. Corie Says:

    *pull out our children

  5. Denise Says:

    Do all you can! Sign petitions! Send letters to representatives! This is an outrage! And our President is quoting the Koran!
    The only problem with pulling our children out is that we are STILL funding the system and all of it’s twisted ways (this is coming from a homeschool mom who cringes every year when I have to scrimp on my curriculum budget!).
    Pray, fellow citizens, and vote your conscious, NOT your wallet!

  6. Jill Says:

    I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if it had been a Muslim parent attempting to read a passage from the Quran to this class….I’d be willing to bet that no one would have had a problem with that. My husband and I have been homeschooling for two years now – it’s a wonderful alternative to government schools! Check it out; there are endless resources out there for home schools. Your children willl thank you.

  7. Denise Says:

    I agree with Corie! Parents need to supply a “green house” for their children in order to protect and nurture them to grow into the adults we need to lead in the future. Handing them over to a godless system is not going to produce the result we desire. Abdicating our authority is what this system is hoping for and if they don’t get it – it appears that some are now brazen enough to suppose they can just take it! It’s time for Christian parents to take a stand!

  8. howard Says:

    It is obvious weather you are a person of faith or not, that religous freedom is under assault. Any sane and reasonable person knows the difference between proselytizing and whats important in ones life. This is not being overly cautious, this is sanctioning an agenda of silencing free speech. This is America and we have a constitution that was established with patriots blood. I for one am ready to do all that I can to fight the good fight.

  9. K Says:

    Public schools are nothing more than liberal factories. There is such a blatant liberal pro-homosexual agenda going on that it amazes me that parents of faith still send their children to these schools. My kids go to a christian school. Of course it’s not free, but so so worth it. Most christian schools such as the one my kids go to have a financial aid plan. This school has absolutely no bullying problem, no peer pressure to take drugs, smoke, or have sex. It’s wonderful and worth every penny. They are free to pray for and with their teachers, talk about their faith, and not have the world’s garbage shoved forcibly down their little throats.

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