Your Voice Counts! Take Action Against Gambling!


Michael Geer with Friday’s Family Update:

All week here on Family Update, I’ve been telling you about the troubling plans in Harrisburg to approve a massive expansion of gambling across Pennsylvania . Gov. Rendell and some legislative leaders want to legalize video poker at thousands of locations throughout Pennsylvania , and approve table games like roulette, black jack and poker at the slots casinos.

This is the last thing our state needs. It will bring more addiction, bankruptcy, crime and corruption, and further devastate our state’s weakened economy.

You’re the only thing standing in the way of this happening. Please contact your legislators – your state representative and state senator, and tell them to oppose any expansion of gambling in Pennsylvania . You can use the Citizen Action Center on our website to find their contact information.

Listen to the podcast!

One Response to “Your Voice Counts! Take Action Against Gambling!”

  1. The Gambling Sham « Gunservatively! Says:

    […] truth is IMHO that gambling is a sham. And destructive. The PA Family Instituteblog summed it up a few weeks ago discussing the video poker issue. It applies to all gambling: This is […]

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