Let The People Vote!


Reporter John Micek of the Allentown Morning Call writes a blog, and in the latest installment he writes about SB 707, the Marriage Amendment, and says this:

“More astute readers are aware that this insane prohibition is already enshrined in state law, rendering an amendment to the state Constitution pretty much superfluous. But the vote — which would actually proscribe rights, rather than grant them — is coming nonetheless.”

More astute reporters would know that the Iowa Supreme Court struck down that state’s Defense of Marriage act, a law equivalent to Pennsylvania’s, and that our state’s law is at similar risk without a constitutional amendment. SB 707 is definitely not superfluous; it’s vital.

Marriage must have a definition; the question is who will decide what it will be going forward: the people or the courts. SB 707 lets the people decide. Citizens in 31 other states have had that opportunity, and in all 31, they have said marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Let The People Vote!

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