Customize Your Child with Abortion


The pro-life movement has been warning people about this day for years. The day when abortion would simply become a tool to pick and choose the child of your choice. I don’t think there is ever a reason to abort, but our society has become okay with these reasons:

Not the right timing for a child? Abort.
Not enough money for a child? Abort.
Don’t want to deal with a child with special needs? Abort.

And now:
Don’t like the gender of your child? Abort.

A couple in Australia aborted twin boys because they really wanted a girl. And everyone seems shocked that parents could be capable of that thinking. Really? I’m surprised it hasn’t come sooner. Sad, but true. I wish it wasn’t so.

However, I’m glad that there’s still outrage from society. And the tide of opinion on abortion is continuously becoming more pro-life in the US. Let’s pray that society becomes more outraged about abortion, for any reason. And see more lives saved.

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2 Responses to “Customize Your Child with Abortion”

  1. Margaret Ott Says:

    I actually read of a case some years ago where a couple conceived twins and one of them was Down’s Syndrome. They selectively aborted the Down’s child, and everyone was shocked. Why? Because it put the healthy child at risk. Yet “imperfect” children are aborted every day. It’s a sad state our world is in when we casually destroy our own children.

  2. Dawn Miller Says:

    It is hard to believe that people can choose to kill any child but once they accept that I think it becomes easier and easier to believe that any reason is sufficient. I think it says something awful about our society. If seem that we are not to different from those who thought it was fine to kill Jews or others who were different from us. How sad our Lord must be that we can kill the life he creates.

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