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Year of the Bible – Good for All

March 14, 2012

Opinion piece in Harrisburg Patriot:

The Pennsylvania Legislature declared 2012 the “Year of the Bible.” The step has caused controversy, but lawmakers had good reason for this as the Bible is the best-selling book of all time and considered by many to be the best book ever written. 

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Update on the Northmoreland Baptist Church Matter—And More!

October 26, 2011

Update on the Northmoreland Baptist Church Matter—And More!

Thank you for your prayers for the Independence Law Center for the Northmoreland Baptist Church hearing in Wyoming County yesterday. The hearing went well, providing ample opportunity for the pastor of the church to talk about the gospel and their ministry, and we are hopeful for a good outcome. We are also grateful for the partnership in the matter with Lindsey Hoban of Ballard Spahr in Philadelphia. The importance of this case stretches far being Northmoreland Baptist Church. At the hearing were two other churches whose buildings were being taxed hoping for a good outcome here. A favorable decision could save these churches tens of thousands of dollars annually—money that can be spent instead on their gospel mission.

Victory for King’s Men—Men’s Group Sued for Standing Against Pornography

Thank you too for responding to our prayer alert regarding the King’s Men, a group of Christian men that were sued in both state and federal court for holding signs in front of a porn shop and turning men back from the temptations and snares inside the store. Not only was the state court proceeding put on hold (pending the outcome of the federal case), but the federal judge issued a decision yesterday upholding the right of the King’s Men to carry on in their important work. While we will continue defending the King’s Men’s, by God’s grace an important hurdle has been crossed. We are thankful for the partnership with Emily Musser Bell, Jeff Conrad, and Leonard Brown of Clymer, Musser, Brown & Conrad of Lancaster in this matter.

Elementary Student’s Right to Hand Out Christmas Invitation Upheld

This all comes on the heels of a win late last week in federal court in a case involving an elementary school student at the Pocono Mountain School District who was prohibited by her school from passing out church Christmas party invitations even though secular invitations were permitted. The federal judge issued an order enjoining the school district from applying school policies that would prohibit such religious flyers. In that case we partnered with Matthew Sharp and David Cortman of the Alliance Defense Fund. Through these partnerships we can stretch the resources you have given us to affect multiple cases in our Commonwealth at any given time.
Thank you for your prayers and for your financial partnership with the Pennsylvania Family Institute and its Independence Law Center. For more information on the law center or to partner with us financially, visit

“Pornography Harms”: New Website Launched

March 2, 2010

We are pleased to announce a new website resource for our ongoing battle against illegal pornography. It was created by an ally of ours and one of the nation’s leading experts in prosecuting pornographers.

Like you, we at the Pennsylvania Family Institute recognize the harm of obscenity and pornography — to our families, to our communities and to our culture.  Our Independence Law Center is actively assisting citizens and local governments with zoning and other limitations  for sexually oriented businesses, litigating in court when necessary, and assisting lawmakers in crafting good laws, to help stop obscenity in our communities. Please let us know if we can ever help you in this area:


New “Pornography Harms”Website Launched

The devastating harm from pornography is becoming more evident with each passing day.  Today, a website has been launched to provide ready access to credible, peer-reviewed research documenting that harm. “Pornography Harms,, is a one-stop location for sound research, news articles and opinion pieces demonstrating the harm from pornography,” said Patrick Trueman, creator of the site.  The site will be of great help to researchers at all academic levels and the press and concerned public.

Trueman, the former chief of the U.S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, expressed strong concern for the direction of America due to the prominence of pornography in the daily lives of our citizens.  “Since the advent of the internet, pornography has flooded homes, businesses, public libraries, and even schools. The results have been devastating to the social and family fabric of America,” Trueman said.

Trueman observed that, for nearly two decades, a large segment of America’s children have had ready access to internet pornography. In the latest trend called, “sexting”, children are producing and distributing cell phone child pornography. This phenomenon may well be an outgrowth of the viewing of internet pornography over long periods of time by children resulting in diminishment of their natural inhibitions against such activity. “Pornography, in other words, is altering minds, destroying taboos, and reordering society, Trueman said.

Addiction to pornography, Trueman noted, is now common among men, women, and even many children, bringing life-long consequences. Pornography use is a significant factor in divorce; a contributing cause of the spread of prostitution and the sexual trafficking of adults and children.

Trueman credited a multi-disciplinary group of professionals and concerned citizens from around the country for the research work on Pornography Harms.

“Pornography is a neglected pandemic and it will remain so until knowledge of its destructive forces is widely understood and disseminated. The Pornography Harms website is dedicated to this task of education,” Trueman said.

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