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Federal Court Rules in Favor of Right of Conscience

February 23, 2012


In a decision that could impact the unfolding debate over the HHS mandate, a federal court in Washington state upheld the First Amendment rights of pharmacists to refuse to distribute potentially abortifacient contraception and abortion-inducing drugs, such as Plan B and Ella, if doing so would violate their religious beliefs. The decision overturns Washington Board of Pharmacy rules approved in 2007 by pro-abortion governor Christine Gregoire, which lacked the exemption.

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Contraception Mandate is about Religious Freedom, Not Contraception

February 16, 2012

President Obama’s mandate that Catholic organizations must provide free birth control to their employees is a violation of their religious freedom. His “compromise” is not a compromise at all.

Here’s what Chuck Colson has to say about it:

 why does this matter? Why is it really such a big deal? The Administration is hoping you will think this is all about contraception, which not many people, even the majority of Catholics, care that much about. But this is not about contraception. This battle is all about religious freedom—the first and most important of all our freedoms.

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Independence Law Center Gains Victory in Pro-Life Counselor Cases

March 4, 2010

Pro-life advocates at abortion clinics regularly risk arrest. The Independence Law Center is here to help.

Just this week, two cases litigated by the Independence Law Center on behalf of pro-life counselors ended with successful settlements. Ed Snell was arrested when he merely entered a public alley to hand literature to someone going to the abortion clinic in York, Pennsylvania. John McTernan was threatened with arrest to prevent him from walking to the side of the same alley with a pro-life sign.

As you know, victory isn’t easy. We lost both cases before the trial court. However, God’s blessings often come in disguise. Because of the losses at the trial level, we won huge victories before the Court of Appeals. That Court’s decisions not only helped Snell and McTernan, but made it easier for others to bring religious liberties claims and to prevent police from invoking off the cuff restrictions on pro-life counselors. Following those decisions, the cases were headed to trial, but the City backed down and agreed to settle.

We’re thrilled with this outcome because religiously motivated pro-life speech should not be stifled at the whim of hostile police officers. Our win not only vindicates our clients’ rights but, because of the court decisions,  protects pro-life advocates far and wide.

The Independence Law Center’s Randall Wenger worked on this case with Dennis Boyle and Josh Autry at Boyle, Neblett & Wenger and with various attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund. If you are an attorney and wish to work together on cases like these or if your rights have been violated while trying to live out your faith, we would like to hear from you. You can reach us at 717-657-4990 or at

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